FAQ / Kindergarten

  • At what age can the child be admitted?

    At the kindergarten level, INschool admits children from 18 months old who can eat solid food and walk steadily. However, if a child is under 18 months but meets the other two conditions, the school will still consider their admission.

  • How many children and teachers are normally in one class?

    Each class will have no more than 29 students and will be supervised by 2-3 teachers. Specifically, for the Foundation 1A class (18-24 months), there will be 3 teachers for a class with 20 or more children.

  • Can parents view school cameras from home?

    All classrooms and activity corners at the school are equipped with cameras to ensure the safety of children and the quality of teaching. Parents can view the camera screens at the school’s counseling office.

    According to human rights law: “The school does not have the right to allow other parents to view images of children to ensure their safety and the security of the school.” Therefore, INschool does not provide camera accounts to parents. However, if necessary, parents can review their child’s activities at school for the most recent 7 days.

    Additionally, INschool uses the KidsOnline app as an electronic communication book between parents and the school. Teachers will update all images from the children’s classes and daily activities, along with other convenient features such as requesting leave, sending messages to teachers/school, menus, measurements, etc.

  • What are the fees for kindergarten?

    Parents can refer to kindergarten fees here.

  • What are children’s meals like?

    With a 4-meal-a-day menu, including breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, the school is committed to strictly adhering to the Food Hygiene and Safety procedures as regulated by the Ministry of Health. This commitment covers all stages from selecting suppliers, receiving food in terms of quantity and quality; food preparation and cooking; supervision and monitoring, sample storage, and portioning of cooked food.

Secondary School

  • Can my child keep up with the INschool curriculum if they join in the middle of the school year?

    All students applying to INschool, including mid-year transfers, undergo an entrance examination that assesses cognitive abilities, academic knowledge, and English proficiency. If a student passes this test, they can certainly keep up with INschool’s curriculum.

  • Does the school accept students from public schools who do not know English?

     INschool enrolls students from Grade 1 to Grade 9, regardless of their previous school type, as long as their report cards meet the required standards for the grade they are applying for. For students with little or no English proficiency, the school offers appropriate programs or intensive English courses to improve their skills

  • Can a student transfer from INschool to a public school later?

    Sau khi bé học ở INschool, hoàn toàn có thể chuyển trường ra công vì chương trình học của INschool là sự kết hợp giữa Chương trình Giáo dục Quốc gia (được tối ưu hóa) cùng Chương trình tiếng Anh Cambridge. Do vậy, bằng cấp của INschool được Bộ Giáo dục và Đào tạo công nhận trên toàn quốc.

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Secondary School

  • Is the PSB Academy (Singapore) that INschool partners with a vocational or a college/university institution?

    PSB Academy offers college and university programs based on Singapore’s education system. Students can study their preferred majors at college or university level.

  • What is the curriculum like for primary, middle, and high school at INschool?

    At INschool, students follow the National Cultural Program as standardized by the Ministry of Education (optimized) along with the Cambridge English Program through Proactive Thinking methodology. This approach emphasizes practical learning and hands-on experience.

    For more information about the curriculum, Parents please refer to information here.

  • Can students who join in Grade 8 have sufficient English proficiency to study abroad at PSB Academy (Singapore) or other countries in Grade 9?

    It depends on the student’s English proficiency before joining INschool. If a student already has a good foundation in English and has studied English outside of school, then with two years of intensive English study in Grades 8 and 9 at INschool, there is a high probability that they can study abroad at PSB Academy in Singapore or other countries.

  • According to the plan to achieve English certificates for each grade level, can a student who joins mid-way still obtain the certificate?

    This is the English learning trajectory INschool has set for the entire school, and the English certificates represent the minimum level students should achieve for each grade. Students starting in Grades 2 or 3 are very likely to obtain these English certificates. However, for those joining in Grades 4 or 5, it depends on each student’s ability to adapt to English and when they started learning the language.