Mission & Vision


INschool aspires to be a pioneering institution in developing the capabilities of Vietnamese students through advanced educational methods and proactive thinking combined with technology. Our aim is to empower students with confidence and happiness in their own educational journey.


With the mission “For a generation of global citizens”, INschool is committed to an advanced educational system that contributes to nurturing a young generation into confident, dynamic global citizens who dare to think and act. We envision a generation that knows who they are, what they want, can take control of their own lives, travel anywhere, do anything, and live anywhere in the world.

Core Values

Interlink Education is guided by a workforce committed to delivering superior educational quality in the region, with a scientifically effective management system aimed at fulfilling the mission “For a generation of global citizens”.


To think and act boldly


in every thought and action


Dare to think out of the box


in every step

  • To think and act boldly, confronting challenges with intelligence, confidence, and sharp thinking.
  • Bravery: Constant striving, effort, and never giving up to achieve goals.
  • Leadership: Always being at the forefront, seizing opportunities.
  • Responsibility: Maintaining a positive attitude and being responsible for oneself, family, society, and the nation. Having the capability and skills to bear responsibility.

Being honest in all thoughts and actions. To uphold integrity, we need:

  • Wisdom: The ability to think, learn, evaluate, and solve problems correctly.
  • Morals: Respecting others, being honest and humble. Living altruistically and gratefully. Being open-minded and positively influencing those around.
  • Tenacity: The capacity and skill to overcome difficulties, value promises, be loyal, devoted to noble causes, and adhere to righteousness.
  • Great ambition and thinking big help us achieve Great Success.
  • Belief: Ambition fortified by belief knows no impossibility.
  • Determination: Resolute and fierce in realizing aspirations.
  • Contribution: Significant contributions, selfless service to the organization and society, offering valuable ideals.

Superior thinking creates competitive advantages and exceptional success for the Organization.

  • Superior Quality: Continuously learning, researching, and innovating to ensure quality exceeding the expectations of customers and the organization.
  • Innovation: Creating differences to enhance work efficiency and increase benefits for customers and stakeholders.
  • Uniqueness: Always innovating to provide distinctive value unique to Interlink Education.