PSB Transition Program


 according to the direction of the Ministry of Education and Training


 create an environment where English is used to the maximum

# International Curriculum


The Secondary Education program at INschool offers students the opportunity to develop themselves and become global citizens..

Upon completing Junior Secondary Education, INschool students can choose to continue High School Education at INschool or pursue a College or University program in Singapore without having to complete High School Education. This unique opportunity is exclusively available to INschool students, aiming to help them develop their abilities early and become global citizens.

Students enrolled in this program will study a 6-month Singapore-standard University Preparatory Program concurrently with the grade 9 curriculum of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). After completing the Preparatory Program, students can pursue a College program at PSB (Singapore) and have the option to continue to University or start working. This way, students save 3 years of high school education, graduate from a prestigious university, have a widely recognized degree, and start their careers earlier than their peers.

Age Vietnam High School Program Vietnam – Singapore Transition Program
15 years of age Grade 9 Students can take the 6-month University Preparatory Program concurrently with the grade 9 curriculum or after graduating from the MOET Junior Secondary Education program.
15-17 years of age Grades 10-11 Finishing PSB Diploma (Singapore) – 1 year
17-19 years of age Grade 12, High school graduation and University entrance examinations Having obtained a Diploma in Singapore, students can either (1) start working, or (2) continue their University studies in Singapore or at other universities worldwide.
19-22 years of age Studying at University Having graduated from Singapore university and worked for 2-3 years.
22-25 years of age Endeavoring to complete final years at university Having started working, students are proficient in English, saving a significant amount of money and time!
# International Curriculum

Why did INschool decide to collaborate with PSB?

PSB Academy is one of the largest and leading institutions in Singapore, boasting over 50 years of experience in education and training. PSB is known for educating many of Singapore’s leaders. Currently, PSB has expanded its educational system to North America, Europe, and other Asian countries. With its robust development and reputation, PSB attracts over 11,000 students annually. In 2016, PSB was awarded the “Best Private Education Institution in Singapore” by the Business Excellence and Research Group (BERG), and was recognized as the best private school in Singapore by the educational research organization JobsCentral Learning.

Students who complete their first year at PSB have the opportunity to transfer to programs in the United Kingdom and Australia.

We believe that the strategic collaboration for the Vietnam-Singapore Transition Program between PSB and INschool will offer numerous opportunities to INschool students, saving time, effort, and money for both students and parents.