Educational Philosophy


Sow thoughts, reap words. Sow words, reap actions. Sow actions, reap habits. Sow habits, reap character. Sow character, reap destiny.

As Lao Tzu said

Education is a journey, not just a destination. INschool’s primary goal for its students is HAPPINESS – happiness in their educational journey.

Self-Responsibility and Execution of Personal Plans

Plans are integrated into the learning process. Daily, monthly, and yearly plans may not be taken seriously by students initially, but with serious feedback, expectations, and discussions between parents and teachers, good habits of plan execution will gradually be formed. The ability to plan, follow, and change plans upon failure will be crucial for future success.

Daring to Lead

Taking primary responsibility for a group or any project, big or small, helps students gain experience and mature.

  • Class leaders, deputy leaders, club presidents: Periodically, INschool students nominate themselves and persuade others to trust their abilities. This frequent change in roles creates opportunities for many students to develop their leadership skills and confidence.
  • Public appearances (performances, fashion shows, emceeing, and public speaking): INschool provides opportunities for all students to perform on stage at school events. This approach may result in less professional performances at INschool, but we accept this to offer experiential opportunities and boost confidence for all students.

Respecting Differences

At INschool, we use grades to assess student capabilities but do not use them to compare students. We respect the differences that students possess, their talents, and interests. Therefore:

  • Certificates of recognition acknowledge students’ unique qualities or efforts to change themselves.
  • Example: “Tien excels in building relationships with peers, is courageous, tolerant, and always helps friends in learning.”
  • Parent-Teacher meetings are held one-on-one to discuss each student’s unique abilities. We do not compare because each individual in a group is different. The differences in abilities, grades, and interests of students need to be respected, and one-on-one discussions between teachers and parents aim to help children improve daily, enhance strengths, and overcome weaknesses. Comparisons, criticism, or unrealistic expectations without solutions can potentially quash a child’s efforts, determination, or confidence.

Personal Opinion

Each individual’s personal opinion is always respected. Students at INschool are encouraged to express their thoughts and disagree when necessary. This is vital for learning to defend themselves in the future.

Global Integration Awareness

INschool students are taught behaviors such as queuing, being responsible for public property, and staying for the entirety of events to help them integrate into any environment as a habit, not just for coping.