About INschool

INschool is an ideal school for students who wish to pursue a national cultural program and become proficient in English following the University of Cambridge’s certification framework. With advanced facilities and a passionate, highly professional team of staff and teachers, INschool believes it will provide an excellent learning experience and the best preparation for the future.

INschool is part of the Interlink Education Organization, established in 2009, with 12 English language centers and 03 schools from kindergarten to high school. Interlink Education is proud to be one of the four educational brands in the “Top 100 Leading Brands in Vietnam 2015”.


A letter to INschool parents

Dear Parents,

Choosing the right school for your child is perhaps one of the most important and challenging decisions any parent can make. So, how do you make the right choice for your child’s education?

Like many parents, the INschool Management Board has often pondered after years of working in the field of education both domestically and internationally: “Why, despite not being inferior to international students, do Vietnamese students not fully utilize their abilities, with many not even discovering their own potential?” Clearly, there is a lack of the right educational environment and methods!

With these concerns in mind, we decided to develop and build the INschool system for students from kindergarten to high school, especially for those living far from major cities. This is not only an environment for solid educational foundations but also a place where students can develop their unique personalities, become confident and upright individuals, able to control their own lives, travel anywhere, do anything, and live anywhere in the world – true global citizens.

To achieve this, INschool has been building a strong team of teachers, staff, and managers from both domestic and international backgrounds, who are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate, striving to provide quality educational programs for students. Additionally, INschool emphasizes regular communication with parents, encouraging their active involvement in forming a strong bond where parents play a crucial role in supporting teachers to maximize the potential of each student.

At INschool, students learn through the most advanced methods of Proactive Thinking, in a comfortable, healthy, safe, and humane school environment. They engage in numerous interesting activities (in addition to academic learning), such as camping, music, sports, debating, filmmaking, community activities, etc. These activities provide opportunities to train and showcase their innate abilities.

Education is a long journey, and INschool is eager to support your children, whether they study with us for part or all of their educational program. We hope the time they spend at INschool will be a beautiful part of their student lives and the most meaningful gift you can give to your children.

Welcome to INschool!

Mr Adam Seex

Training Director

Member of the INschool Executive Board

# About INschool

Values for Students


International Transitional Programs at INschool enable direct entry into the second year of most universities worldwide.


Attain globally recognized qualifications and certificates such as Cambridge, IELTS, QTS Diploma (Australia), PSB Diploma (Singapore), etc.


National + International + English AES + Chinese HSK + ICT program with 45% of the curriculum dedicated to foreign languages (English + Chinese).


Small class sizes allow teachers to easily monitor and personalize the learning path for each student.


Two homeroom teachers per class: one subject teacher and one English teacher.


Develop self-reliance, self-study, teamwork, presentation, programming skills, etc., through STEAM and Robotics classes.


Advanced technology application: LMS English learning software with abundant exercises and automatic grading to enhance self-study skills. School Online electronic communication book enables parents to easily and conveniently stay updated about their child's academic progress.

# About INschool

Values for Parents


Participate and accompany your child through school activities.


Convenient student transportation services at various points in the area, with modern applications to track your child's journey.


Easily and closely monitor your child's academic and social development through the electronic communication platform (School Online).


Parent-Teacher meetings at the end of each semester for detailed discussions about your child's learning progress.


Various financial support programs for parents (sibling policy, scholarships, reduced fees during pandemics, 0% interest loan packages, or 0VND tuition packages).