INschool campuses are cool, green spaces with green turfs and large open areas, fostering ideal conditions for the development of students.

INschool classrooms are designed in a modern, robust style, fully equipped with contemporary tools and conveniences, facilitating effective and comfortable knowledge acquisition for students. Each classroom has a large screen for presentations, internet connectivity, a central air conditioning system, personal lockers, and more.

The INschool Kindergarten campus offers numerous relaxation and play areas for children. The playground, with slip-resistant materials and teacher supervision, ensures student safety even during playtime. The grass and flower gardens throughout the campus allow children to immerse themselves in nature and interact with peers.

The year-round warm water pool at INschool is an ideal place for students to exercise and practice water sports, even in cold weather.

The INschool auditorium, with its standard lighting and sound system, is a highlight for many events at the school, providing space for artistic performances as well as seminars, conferences, and special programs.

The INschool library, with a multitude of books in various languages like English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc., is organized by subject, theme, age group, and level. Students can find all kinds of books to meet their learning needs and explore the vast world. With its spacious and quiet atmosphere, the library is a place where students can immerse themselves in reading and group study activities.

The Technology Room is equipped with modern devices such as computers, projectors, screens, Robotics models, experimental sandboxes, etc., connected to a stable and secure network, allowing students to access and practice the latest technologies in their learning.


Built to High Standards

The modern facilities are designed and built to strict standards, ensuring aesthetic, scientific elements, and compliance with safety, hygiene, fire prevention, and control regulations, contributing to a comfortable and modern learning environment for students.

Modern Facilities

Spacious multi-functional classrooms are fully equipped with audio-visual equipment, computers, cameras, air purifiers, air conditioners, and age-appropriate furniture. In addition, INschool has invested in subject-specific rooms such as music studios, art studios, laboratories, etc., to provide students with the most realistic experiences and natural knowledge acquisition.

Numerous Amenities

Apart from the canteen serving main and supplementary meals with reasonable portions and safe food handling equipment, INschool also has a Cafeteria next to the pool for maximum student convenience.
The physical activity areas like basketball courts, soccer fields, and swimming pools are spacious and always kept clean to ensure safe and hygienic play for students.

Convenient Transportation

The INschool campuses are located on wide, clear roads, easily accessible for parking and safe for students and parents to travel. Moreover, the professional transportation system, along with a team of reputable drivers and caregivers, and a modern journey tracking application, provides peace of mind for parents and encourages independence in students traveling to school.
INschool currently offers student transportation from areas within a 10-15km around each campus and continues to expand its range based on parent requests.